What is Version 2 called?

Posted May 9, 2007 8:15pm

c24m48 writes...

I realize this is akin to asking who is buried in Grant's Tomb. But I just downloaded and installed Version 2 (I think!). When start GenSmarts, it says it is version Is that the same thing as Version 2?

Jerry Bryan

On 2007-05-09 9:50pm GenSmarts replied...

Version 2 is quite different than Version 1 - see http://www.GenSmarts.com/v2tour.html for a run down of what has changed.

GenSmarts Window title and Help...About... window will show you the version number, which is where you saw the So no, it doesn't sound like you have Version 2 enabled.

Version 1 and Version 2 share the same physical code engine (e.g. gsEngine.exe) and installation, so you can't manually figure it out by looking at that with Windows utilities/properties. It's your activation code that determines if you've purchased Version 2 or not (or purchased Version 1 since 1/1/2007, in which case we're upgrading you to V2 automatically).

If you purchased a Version 2 key to upgrade an existing Version 1 install, then you'll need to enter that key using GenSmarts top line menu HELP...ENTER YOUR REGISTRATION KEY... as is covered in the upgrade instructions at:


So... to use your metaphore, who's buried in Grant's tomb? The elder Grant himself and his first born son Fred "Version2" Grant [:)]

On 2007-05-10 12:13pm c24m48 added...

Well, let me followup a little further, then. When I recently started GenSmarts, it said that Version 2 was available and that I was entitled to a free upgrade. I downloaded it and installed it (at least, I think I did, as I said before -- I went through the process). But nowhere in the installation process did it ask me for an activation code. And if it did ask me for an activation code, I don't know what I would enter. I still have the activation code for when I first installed the current version, but that's the only activation code I have. How do I get the activation code for the free upgrade to Version 2?

Jerry Bryan

On 2007-05-10 12:28pm c24m48 added...

Ah, I think I see. When I start GenSmarts there is a message that says the following; "We've got some great new features for you. It's a free upgrade. Ah... there's nothing like that new GenSmarts smell!"

The notice about the free upgrade is right next to the announcement about Version 2. However, I think the free upgrade I'm entitled to is for

I normally apply all upgrades immediately, but only when I'm using the product regularly. I haven't used GenSmarts in several months, so it just now was able to offer me the upgrade because I just now started the program up. But in the meantime, Version 2 has become available. So both notices, the free upgrade for, and the availability of Version 2, showed up right next to each other in the same popup window. Does that sound right?

Jerry Bryan

On 2007-05-10 4:35pm GenSmarts replied...

We released both updates this week - the update to Version 1 and the new Version 2.

If we were designing the appearance of the update notice today, we probably wouldn't do it quite that way, but that interface was what was built into GenSmarts a long time ago, before we knew there would be a Version 2 or how it would be distributed. We did have a Version 1 upgrade this week and Version 2 is free to some people (those that purchased a standalone copy this year), so it is a bit complicated and somewhat akin to having to change your tires while driving...

Hopefully, you got multiple chances to go to the Version 2 page that explains everything:


I know that won't stop people from asking twice when the word "free" appears in the general vicinity of something desirable [:)]

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