Posted January 12, 2007 9:28am

nurserachett writes...

What does the number mean? I presume its an id. But how is it used to check info on Ancestry?

Judy C. Wickert

On 2007-01-12 9:56am GenSmarts replied...

id is short for identity. An id is simply a unique number associated with some thing. I'm not sure exactly what id you're referring to... some id number that looks like it might have something to do with access... that could be a couple of things:

There is a GenSmarts ID that appears at the bottom of each suggestion. That relates to the item number in our record inventory that's the basis for the suggestion. This is useful for our support purposes, but is also used as an identity mechanism when suggestions need to be stored. It doesn't have anything to do with access. has a number associated with each different dataset they have. Those numbers are part of the URL that Ancestry uses to access data, and I think they also appear in the AVAILABLE ONLINE "drop down" list in GenSmarts.


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