Posted January 12, 2007 3:10pm

geno521a writes...

I purchased a version of Family Tree Maker 16 and GetSmarts come along with the package,,, is this the full version ?

I being a novice am trying to learn how to use it .

Any advice for a beginner ?

On 2007-01-12 3:32pm GenSmarts replied...

No, it's a subset of the full edition that only works with Family Tree Maker. See for more details.


1) Read the FAQ on the website:

2) Watch the videos on the CD:

There's a bunch of video material on all GenSmarts CD's now (run the GenSmarts Setup.exe on the CD to get the setup menu which includes buttons for launching the video material). Watch all the video FAQ topics and also watch the 1 hour tutorial.

3) Browser through the Q/A you find here:

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