1930 Census not auto filling

Posted December 23, 2006 7:25am

bwit writes...

I'm using GenSmarts version 10930 and when I use Available Online for the 1930 census (at ancestry.com) the search form comes up in Internet Explorer but the data does not auto fill.

Is this a know issue? Is there a work around?



On 2006-12-23 8:37pm GenSmarts replied...

No known problems currently.

It has changed recently, though, so it could be that your firewall is blocking GenSmarts from using the most current integration info and that could cause what you're seeing. Try TOOLS...SETTINGS...INTERNET tab... then press the TEST CONNECTION button. That will check to see if there's anything on your PC that's blocking GenSmarts. Another thing you could do is check the date of the file slCache.dat in the GenSmarts program directory - at the moment it should something in the last couple of days (e.g. 12/22/06 or later) as that's when we last updated that info.

Also, the auto fill waits for the page to finish loading, so occasionally I'll see a situation where it doesn't look like it's autofilling (because it usually all happens pretty fast), but it really is just waiting for the page to finish loading and then it will fill.

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