Posted December 19, 2006 9:38am

We've set up a special page for distributing a new version of GenSmarts that's compatible with Vista:

At this point, we're only recommending this for Vista users, though it should work just fine on XP, 2000, etc.

On 2007-02-06 12:24pm GenSmarts replied...

An update (version to the Vista compatible version of GenSmarts has been posted at:

It fixes:

  • a bug in the updating of the backup directory in the case of a conversion install

  • a bug in reading of TMG files when using the newly supported VFPOLEDB driver

  • other cleanup things

On 2007-02-10 5:12pm GenSmarts replied... has been posted at

This cleans up almost all the remaining known bugs, including issues with the help file, issues with the directory used for the custom suggestions repository, and an issue with proper detection of VFPOLEDB by the welcome wizard.

The only known remaining issue is a case where, during a "conversion" installation where you're installing on top of an existing release, the link cache file slCache.dat is given security by Vista such that it can't later be updated by GenSmarts running in "user" mode. This causes and error when GenSmarts later tries to update the file. If you get this error, simply delete the file slCache.dat (get the folder name it's in from the error) and that will resolve the problem.

On 2007-02-13 2:40pm GenSmarts replied... has been posted at:

and also generally on our

update page.

There are no known remaining issues with Vista in this release.

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