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Posted November 29, 2006 4:17pm

Heinzmann writes...

I just upgraded to IE7 and it seems to have broken the GenSmarts connection with Can you confirm this and if so, should we fall back to IE6 while waiting your changes?



On 2006-11-29 4:23pm GenSmarts replied...

No reports of trouble with IE7 and GenSmarts, we're using it here and I assume lots of other folks are as well. Send the specifics of the error you're getting to and we'll see if we can lend any insight.

On 2006-11-29 6:01pm Heinzmann added...

I was getting I guess what is the equivalent of a page not found error. I went back to repeat the error and it came back again then, while copying info to send to you, it started working.

Thank you for your quick response! I love your program.


On 2006-11-29 6:25pm GenSmarts replied...

I've seen produce some "page not found" type errors the past week, just because I think their site's busy. I'm guessing that is the simplest explanation for what you saw.

That being said, I did see something like what you're describing on a 1920 or 1930 census (I don't recall which) yesterday. had changed a link and we needed to update accordingly. We haven't "pushed" that change out yet, though have tested it and it resolved the error. I didn't test to see if the error was unique to IE7, though it was on IE7 where I found it. I would expect the error to occur in both IE7 and IE6, however. Tomorrow sometime we'll "push" the fix out, so until then you might see an error on a 1920/1930 census lookup.


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