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Posted November 21, 2006 4:35pm

AOL users should read this post first:

Computer Associates latest release of their security/anti-virus program apparently has a bug where it intercepts certain Windows functions incorrectly... which cause programs such as GenSmarts that use these functions fail - in GenSmarts this results in an an LP5 and/or unpacking error from GenSmarts. We haven't had very many reports of this (two this past week)... I suspect most people are using McAffee or Norton and aren't affected. While we would expect this to be resolved in a formal, future release of CA's product, for now, folks using Computer Associates virus/security products and have this error - you have two choices:

1) You could disable or unistall the Computer Associates product and use a different solution for virus protection. In our experience, McAfee seems to give people the fewest headaches, though you might want to do a quick review of user feedback on and other places, and reach your own conclusions.

2) See the post immediately following for some simple settings to CA's product that should resolve the issue.

3) If #2 above doesn't work for you, CA has also provided this work around, until they get the problem fixed (this assume you know how to use REGEDIT):

  1. Go to registries: HKLM\Software\ComputerAssociates\ITMRT

  2. Go to InjectExclude subKey.

  3. Add gsEngine.exe to the list

  4. Reboot

On 2006-12-16 10:41pm GenSmarts replied...

The following work around to CA's bug was also reported to work, and is probably simpler than using RegEdit to modify the windows registry:

"The CA product's Anti-Spyware section has an options button and on that screen is the ability to modify exclusions from the on-demand scanner and the real-time scanner.

You simply click the Modify link which opens a two-part window - one for excluded spyware and another for excluded files/folders.

Use the excluded files/folders section to browse to the program gsEngine.exe (in the GenSmarts program directory - typically C:\Program Files\GenSmarts ) and it to the list and close the window."

If this works for you drop us a note at so we can pass it along to help others.

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