Are Burial Facts Supported?

Posted September 19, 2006 7:58pm

c24m48 writes...

Are burial facts supported? I use RootsMagic. I have a suggestion to look for a cemetery record for someone in Knox County, Tennessee even though the person was buried in Blount County, Tennessee and there is a burial fact to that effect. If burial facts are supported, I can send more detail of the problem.

Jerry Bryan

On 2006-09-19 8:09pm GenSmarts replied...

From our FAQ ( ):

What data from my file does GenSmarts use?

Aside from the obvious name and family relationship info, GenSmarts looks at the birth, death, census, and marriage events of an individual.

We're in the process of testing an update that includes burial tags as well as a few other facts, however. Hopefully that will be available before the year end.

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