My TO DO list i empty

Posted September 9, 2006 7:02am

vinther writes...


I just downloaded the trail version of GenSmarts I ran the "Welcome To GenSmarts" wizard, but I wasn't happy with suggestions in the "Settings: Direct Ancestors" dialog so I selected "I'll Set Direct Ancestors Myself At A Later Time". Having finished the Wizard I then went to the "my Gebealogy File" tab and selected my Great Grandfather and tagged him at the Direct Ancestor Root.

However, when I go to the "To Do List" it is empty and I can't search out any individuals.

What can i do?



On 2006-09-09 8:07am vinther added...

sorry, the genSmarts version is 10729


On 2006-09-09 10:06am GenSmarts replied...

To get suggestions a couple of things have to occur... GenSmarts has to understand dates and places from your file and those dates and places have to occur in geographies and timeframes where where GenSmarts has inventoried available records.

One or more of the following is likely true or mostly true:

1) You don't have many people in geographies covered by GenSmarts - US/UK/Canada primarily. Or the people you have in those geographies are mostly alive and modern (most of our record inventories are focused on the 19th and early 20th century records.


2) You have recorded your place names in an unusual manner and GenSmarts doesn't understand them (look in the data cleanup tab).


3) You have recorded your dates in an unsual manner and GenSmarts doesn't understand them. Select someone in the My Genealogy File tab and look at the "People Facts"... are you getting GSEST. (meaning GenSmarts was unable to import any data) or are you getting the places and dates from your file?


4) You inadvertantly have turned a To Do List tab filter on that doesn't match any suggestions you're getting. Close GenSmarts and reopen... it defaults to showing all suggestions.


5) You're trying to force GenSmarts to open an unsupported file type, so it reverts to trying to understand it as a Gedcom and is unable to import anything. Since you mention selecting direct ancestors, this obviously wouldn't be your issue.

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