How do I reinstall on a new PC ?

Posted August 24, 2006 8:38am

Gordon Stokely writes...

How do I reinstall on a new PC, while retaining my EULA. (I have lost my CD.)?


On 2006-08-24 9:52am GenSmarts replied...

I assume your question relates to trying to download the software, but not having a purchased activation code needed to make it work...


For info on the mechanics of reinstalling see the "sticky" post in this forum on that topic ( ),


On 2006-08-25 6:45pm Gordon Stokely added...

No, this relates to having an activation code (that I lost). I need to reinstall this on a new PC.

I am assuming I can copy the ALL of the files from my old HD to my new one, then run some .exe to reinstall it.....?


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