RootsMagic and SSN issue

Posted August 3, 2006 2:19pm

GenSmartsUser writes...

I have chosen the RootsMagic SSN fact type, and filled in the field with the information provided by the SSDI. However, GenSmarts still says that I should check the SSDI!

Why is this? It is extremely frustrating and time consuming to check these suggestions each time!

Thank you

On 2006-08-03 2:26pm GenSmarts replied...

See the second training topic on our video FAQ:

GenSmarts will still show you suggestions for things that you may have recorded. Only suggestions known to be for missing data will be marked with a "smiley face", however. You can display only the "missing data" suggestions if you like, by turning on that filter (the missing data filter) in the upper right hand portion of the To Do list.

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