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Posted June 10, 2006 1:10am

c24m48 writes...

I just upgraded. My version is now 10920, 6.1.8629.1, 2.80. I use GenSmarts in conjunction with RootsMagic. Since I upgraded (about an hour ago), I encounter an annoying situation where extra clicks are required.

Something I do rather a lot is to focus for a while on just one person. To that end, I can just enter that person's record number in the search box in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Even when I restrict the list of suggestions to just one person in this manner, the suggestion list can still be rather long. For example, I'm looking at person #6142 in my database as we speak.

I can do the following to see all suggestions for person #6142.


To shorten the list, I can do things like

6142 & census

6142 & marriage


I should also explain that I normally operate with the No Status filter checked in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Let us suppose that I restrict the list to 6142 & census, and that for each item in the list I find the census entry and mark the suggestion Found. Eventually, every suggestion in the list will be marked found.

What I do next is refresh the suggestion list by quickly clicking Show All followed immediately by No Status in the upper right hand corner (sort of click-click --- all one motion). At this point, the suggestion list is empty, which is the desired outcome. Then I click in the Search box in the upper left hand corner, and replace census with marriage or with tax or what ever to search 6142 & marriage or 6142 & tax or whatever.

However, with the new version the rapid "click-click" of Show All followed by No Status to refresh the research suggestion list doesn't work right anymore. Instead, you get two very annoying popup message windows that just get in your way and slow you down.

Is there an option to get rid of those annoying popup windows? If there is, I can't find it. If there is not such an option, is there any way to go back to the previous version that doesn't have this problem?

Jerry Bryan

On 2006-06-10 6:06pm GenSmarts replied...

At a minimum, I'm sure we can put in an option to make the "empty list" explanation box optional.

We put it in because we found a considerabled number of users who became befuddled when the list went empty, and didn't understand the relationship between turning on a filter and having the list go empty.

On 2006-06-10 6:49pm GenSmarts replied...

Here's a quick and dirty update....

1) Download and install this new (full edition only) build (


2) Use TOOLS...EDIT GENSMARTS.INI and add the following line to the [DISPLAY] section:


3) Restart GenSmarts and... no more warning message if the list goes empty on a filter click.

On 2006-07-21 11:06am kathy_kult added...

Hey, thanks for the Q&D fix! I was kinda getting tired of clicking those boxes... only because I'm a dufus and keep checkmarking the "Available at Research Locations" box before I choose the research location. I guess I'm just a creature of habit. Anyway, this fix makes GenSmarts just all the more enjoyable to use! [:D]

I raise my mug of rootbeer as a toast to you -- GenSmarts Rules!

Kathy Kult

Island Lake, IL



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