Posted April 27, 2006 8:52am

LoriBragg writes...

Seems like forever since we've heard anything new on GenSmarts. Is the product moving forward? A couple of years ago we had hints that new products were coming... perhaps we could hear the status of things?

I only ask because I love this product and want to support it's future, as well as the future endeavors of the company.

Lori Bragg

Lori Bragg

On 2006-04-29 11:04pm GenSmarts replied...

Yes, should be some minor updates out next week. We took the first quarter off from any GenSmarts enhancements to catch up on some internal infrustructure (e.g. new/bigger offices, web site, order system, manufacturing upgrades, new advertising, etc.). Typical of a startup, we had been working night and day for 30 straight months getting the product established at the expense of back office sophistication... we finally got a chance to catch our breath and make our day to day operations more efficient. So we've been busy, but probably doesn't seem like that publically.

Our original business plan called for a portfolio of small products, with GenSmarts being the first. We never expected it to get as popular as it did... becoming more of a "franchise" product for us rather than simply one product of many in a portfolio. We'll eventually get those other products out, but it just made good business sense to defer them for awhile and give people what they wanted - more GenSmarts.

My best guess at this point is there'll be another major GenSmarts update over the next 2-3 months (the kind we've been doing a few times a year), and then a host of new GenSmarts features introduced in the fall/winter timeframe. We recently did get our first prototype done of a completely new genealogy product (something quite unique, unrelated to GenSmarts) and I'd like to get that out in beta by year end. The specifics of all of the above, we keep under wraps for competitive reasons.


On 2006-05-03 8:30am GenSmarts replied...

FYI (full edition) was posted yesterday at http://www.GenSmarts.com/versionHistory.html

On 2006-05-04 9:08am LoriBragg added...

[:D] Very happy to hear all is well. Background stuff is important too! Will try to be patient... altho the new stuff sounds oh so tantalizing! Lori Bragg

Lori Bragg

On 2006-05-11 7:43pm Darcy added...

Yeah, development nevers ends, does it? I'm a systems analyst and I hear the hours and hours thing...it's nearly impossible to hold the hours down to a 40 hour week! Never mind trying to keep up with anything else! [:)] BUT............... I'm super thrilled to hear that work is continuing toward improving an already tremendous product! Can't wait to see the new goods!! Keep up the good work!

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