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Posted April 22, 2006 10:16am

mlmckenzie writes...

I have custom census tags in FTM, such as 1790 Federal Census or 1835 NY State Census. I can't figure out why the census records keep showing up in GenSmarts as missing. I saw in threads for TMG that the word Census just needs to be in the tag. Is this not the case for the FTM imported data?

Is there a place in the software to map my tags to the standard GEDCOM tags? Seems this would fix this situation and any others that might come up.


On 2006-04-22 10:56am mlmckenzie added...

I made a subset of my data to test. Even if I change the tags from my custom census tags to FTM's standard "Census" tag, it still does not work.

I'm using FTM 2006 and the standard tag is "Census".

Does the format of the date matter? I'm using dd mmm yyyy (such as 16 Jun 1880).

On 2006-04-22 11:39am GenSmarts replied...

No, we don't support interpretation of custom census tags from FTM. Additional tags and custom mapping of tags is an active enhancement, though I don't have a date of release for it yet.

For a vanilla FTM census fact, if an individual has a CENSUS fact with both a date and a place, it should be picked up by GenSmarts and negate a census suggestion for that year. Your date format worked fine when we tested it here.

It's probably not relavent to your situation, but I'll mention it anyway. I often find FTM users that are analyzing an older FTM file with GenSmarts than the one they're editing with FTM. Obviously changes to another file than the one GenSmarts is looking at don't get picked up. Since you can't open GenSmarts on a file being edited by FTM, a simple test for this is to open FTM first, then try to open GenSmarts. If they're both looking at the same file, you'll get an error from GenSmarts telling you the file is in use. Since GenSmarts only references the FTM file at startup, you don't get this error if you open GenSmarts first. And you won't get this error if GenSmarts is looking at a different file than FTM.


On 2006-04-22 2:29pm mlmckenzie added...

Thanks for your prompt reply. I know I'm in the proper file because when I wanted to load it over, FTM already had it open.

I also thought that it might be "remembering" from before I changed the tags, so I uninstalled, deleted the directory and reinstalled. It did not change the results.

It's very curious. One man, from 1880 on it does not recognize his census records. BUT, it doesn't give suggestions on his wife, which has them listed the same way and it doesn't give suggestions on his son. I'm stumped...

To give further information, if I export this small test file as a GEDCOM and then open it in GenSmarts, it apparently sees those Census records on the man and doesn't give the suggestions.

Do you have a list somewhere of the tags that you do import for the various file formats? I didn't find it in the manual and think it would be helpful. Thank you!

On 2006-04-22 2:43pm GenSmarts replied...

I assume what you meant by "I know I'm in the proper file because when I wanted to load it over, FTM already had it open." was that when you tried to open GenSmarts (or REFRESH/REOPEN) you received an "already open" error. If you meant something else by this then I'm not sure I understand.

As of the current version, 1.0.9 - GenSmarts imports pedigree info and birth, death, marriage dates and places, as well as CENSUS event date/place.

Census suggestions are for perceived heads of household, not each individual family member.

I'm not sure how big your FTM file is, but if it's a resonable size (say less than 5mb) you can email us a ZIP of it (, along with a description of the person and the census fact that's not being recognized and we'll take a look at it here.

On 2006-05-03 8:32am GenSmarts replied...

This turned out to be a bug in GenSmarts. The fix is in (full edition) that was posted yesterday at

We'll post a GenSmarts For version of this over the next couple of days.

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