Adding Custom Suggestions

Posted March 22, 2006 5:03pm

abouck writes...

I would like to be able to add my own to do list items to gensmarts. For example If I already know a persons name, date of birth, date of marriage, and date of death but perhaps the sources for this information is not reliable I may want to investigate other sources to support my data. Is this possible or will it be in the future?

Anita Bouck

On 2006-03-22 5:26pm GenSmarts replied...

GenSmarts already makes a suggestion, if it knows of a matching known record, even if you already have recorded/sourced the corresponding person/event fully. In other words, GenSmarts isn't holding back any ideas because it thinks you don't need them...

We do have plans to let you attach notes to GenSmarts generated suggestions. We don't currently have any plans to let you add your own "free format" suggestions, though we'll consider it.

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