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Posted February 26, 2006 7:32am

wellanna writes...

Can anyone tell me why "customised records" are dealt with separately to in-built GenSmarts research locations/records?

I would be logical (to me at least) for any research suggestions from my customised records, to be included in the normal "Research To Do List" of GenSmarts.

I would particularly like the "Show Only - Direct Ancestors" and "Show Only - Fills Missing Data" options on my customised records.

Just wondering........

Regards, Neal.

On 2006-02-26 8:33am GenSmarts replied...

As per the "INTRO" tab on this feature:

"This is phase one of this enhancement. In phase two, we'll add the remaining tools that let you blend this custom analysis in

with the regular GenSmarts analysis, enabling you to print, mark them Found, Not Found, etc. In phase three, we'll add some

more tools that make it easy to find and use custom analysis created by others, and vice versa."

On 2006-02-27 1:33pm wellanna added...

Ah, if only I paid a little more attention to the help text!

Well at least I am think along the right lines. I look forward to phase two and beyond. I know delivery dates in software development are a taboo subject, but do you have a plan for the release of these new features?

Thanks, Neal.

On 2006-02-27 2:30pm GenSmarts replied...

It'll be this year, just not sure of the ultimate sequencing of a couple of things we have underway.

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