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Posted February 19, 2006 12:11pm

wellanna writes...

I receive the following error from GenSmarts when attempting to open from within TMG:

GSEC99 - Error Processing "C:\Document.........

A Google search:

Identifed that this seems to have been reported before, but the links to the forums didn't work. I could only see the cached pages on Google.

Has this been fixed?

Regards, Neal.

On 2006-02-19 1:02pm GenSmarts replied...

I believe this has been resolved in the current version of TMG, but you'd have to check with their support folks to verify (or upgrade, if you're not current and see for yourself). The error itself is GenSmarts reporting to you that TMG passed a bad request.

Some technical background:

When you make a request of GenSmarts from within TMG, TMG creates a command file containing the request for GenSmarts along with any associated data. The data is in XML format. This error occurs when GenSmarts is unable to open this command file due to improper formatting of the command or data.

For example, an ampersand is an illegal XML character, and will cause Windows XML routines to abort unless it's properly encoded. Early versions of TMG 6 didn't properly encode an ampersand if it was present in a place name, which would result in this error if you made a GenSmarts request involving a person with that place name.

The XML command file is called gsdata1.xml and you can find it in the TMG program directory. Drag it and drop it on Internet Explorer and you'll get the same error when IE tries to open it. Open it with Notepad.exe if you want to look at it without XML interpretation. You may also see a gsdata2.xml file which is the XML GenSmarts returns in response to the query.

FYI - not related to TMG, but an update dealing with a similar issue where improperly encoded characters are originating from RootsMagic and causing a GSEC99 error:

On 2006-02-19 4:39pm wellanna added...

Thanks for that. I am using TMG 6.07, which I believe is the latest version, so I will take up the issue on the TMG mailing list. It looks like it still hasn't been fixed!

On 2006-02-20 4:24am wellanna added...

Just to let you all know, I searched the TMG mailing list archives and eventually found that this problem was first identified back on 10 Dec 2005 in version 6.07 (the latest version). I assume it will be fixed in the next patch update of TMG.


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