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Posted January 18, 2006 4:14pm

btolka writes...

I am having a problem with GenSmarts recognizing West Virginia before it became a state in 1863.

The way I have been referencing is (West) Virginia, but does anybody know the proper way to reference this?

GenSmarts sees this as Virginia, thus not helping my research.

tnks for any help...


On 2006-01-18 5:11pm GenSmarts replied...

By default GenSmarts takes anything enclosed as parens as comments. You can get around that, if you'd like, by having place name analysis ignore parens instead. To do this, add the following line to your GenSmarts.ini file, in the [Analysis] section:

placeSubChars=( ) [ ] < > ? / \

Note the space behind each character, be sure to include that - you're probably better off copying and pasting the above line than trying to retype it. This causes each of these characters to be replaced by that space prior to GenSmart trying to interpret the place name.

This doesn't make any changes to your file/data... it just changes the way GenSmarts reads the data for analysis.

You can use TOOLS...EDIT GENSMARTS.INI as a quick way of editing the GenSmarts.ini file.

I'm pretty sure this requires at least GenSmarts Version or higher. See for help with upgrading.

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