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Posted January 13, 2006 10:33am

nurserachett writes...

Explain Ancestor Root to me please. Does this mean they are a direct ancestor? Thank You, Judy

Judy C. Wickert

On 2006-01-13 11:03am GenSmarts replied...

The material below is copied from your GenSmarts help file (HELP...GenSmarts HELP...):

"GenSmarts can generate a large number of suggestions for you, so it's helpful in prioritizing these if GenSmarts knows the difference between your direct lines of ancestry and someone quite distant you are carrying in your tree. To accomplish this, GenSmarts lets you "tag" a person(s) in your file as a DIRECT ANCESTOR ROOT.

Think of a DIRECT ANCESTOR ROOT as the most recent descendent of the line(s) you're focusing on. This might be yourself, if you're studying your line, or yourself and your spouse, if you're working that side also, although in that case, it'd be easier to tag one of your children, if they're in the file, since they would be a root to both you and your wife.

To setup your DIRECT ANCESTOR ROOTs, use the My Genealogy File Tab. Use the <= SEARCH box to locate the person you'd like to use. "Tag" them as a root, by pressing the TAG AS DIRECT ANCESTOR ROOT button in the lower left part of the screen. When you press that button, you'll notice a hollow blue star will appear next to the name of the person selected, noting that they're a root. You also might notice a simple star will appear next to any ancestors of this root, indicating they're in your direct ancestry line.

If you ever need to find the direct ancestors you've tagged, you can use the FIND NEXT ROOT button, which will advance the display to the next person marked as a direct ancestor root.

To remove the direct ancestor root designation from a person, simply select them and press the CLEAR TAG button.

As you use GenSmarts, you'll notice you can use this DIRECT ANCESTOR designation to help prioritize the research suggestions, or to limit what appears on reports. "

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