RootsMagic and Gensmart

Posted January 12, 2006 3:29pm

trwtrw writes...

I am now operating with RootsMagic 2 and plan to upgrade to RM3 with the GenSmarts addon. I know that you can open GenSmarts from within RootsMagic, but if it suggests searching, will it automatically open Ancestry when you click on that suggestion? Right now I have access to Ancestry Library edition at home, but I don't think RM will allow access to that because I need to sign in through my public library's site. I would be willing to subscribe to Ancestry if RM would allow direct access through GenSmarts. I hope this question isn't too rambling. Thanks.

On 2006-01-12 3:45pm GenSmarts replied...

I think the answer is yes - when launched from within RootsMagic GenSmarts can still launch and navigate an internet browser to help you with the suggestions (similar to the way it works when run standalone).

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