Lack of printing fuctionality

Posted December 13, 2005 12:53pm

johnb writes...

How can I change the font size on printouts?

Why when I change the paper size from A4 to A3 does GenSmarts still only print to an A4(?) workarea?

Why if I change the papersize to A5 from A4 does GenSmarts print over the edge of the page and not print to the smaller paper size?

Why if I change the paper to landscape does Gensmarts still print in portrait?

On 2005-12-13 1:31pm GenSmarts replied...

The print formatting options are fixed - we've simply put more emphasis on adding capabilities to other areas of the product. We've gotten a few requests for "large type" reports, so we'll likely do something in that area next year.



On 2005-12-13 3:09pm johnb added...

Perhaps you should amend your documentation in GenSmarts Q&A part 2 so it is more honest than the current:

Q) Printing doesn't work

A) Printing only works in the registered version. If print preview works, then it's most likely that your printer driver doesn't match your printer exactly. It doesn't matter than some other programs can print... GenSmarts uses more features of the printer drivers and therefor is more sensitive to a bad driver.

Perhaps you could add "The ability to change any functionality is limited and is more sensitive due to poor the current poor level of programming" might be more accurate? If you are using printer drivers correctly, formatting for printers and even putputting to formats such as Word, Excel, and Access shouldn't be a problem.

I would have thought that any program that provides users with printed output as one of the main results of end user actions so they could continue their research should provide full and flexible functionality?

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