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Posted December 8, 2005 3:56pm

Q)I changed all of my custom census tags in TMG to type "other event" because with the standard gedcom CENS type, the Family Tree facility on Rootsweb wasn't picking up all the census data. Now Gensmarts doesn't recognize any of my census tags (which all start with the letters CENS, BTW.) Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

A) Here's the rule on what GenSmarts will interpret as a Census Event in TMG:

A TMG tag that equates to a Gedcom type CENS... (or has the word CENSUS in the tag name, but not the letter T)

The "not the letter T" part of the rule is so that an tag like "NOT FOUND ON 1830 CENSUS" doesn't get picked up.

On 2005-12-15 2:06pm Cantor90 added...


I was the original poster for this question. I went ahead and changed all my TMG custom tags beginning with "Cens" to tags beginning with "Census", and GenSmarts still isn't picking them up--suggesting that I search sources already recorded. I thought that it might want the word "Census" isolated, and I changed my Census1900 tag to Census 1900. This didn't work either. Any suggestions? (The letter "T" does not appear in my tags.)



On 2005-12-15 2:37pm GenSmarts replied...

In standalone GenSmarts, I don't know of any exceptions or issues with the rules mentioned (Gedcom type CENS or name is "CENSUS WITHOUT A T".

Often times this sort of thing turns out to be GenSmarts looking at a different file than the one you're changine - so naturally any changes you make (in a different file) don't seem to have an impact in GenSmarts. So verify you're changing the file GenSmarts is analyzing...

Also, keep in mind if you're not using standalone GenSmarts but invoking from within TMG... that the rules I mention (which are standalone GenSmarts TMG file analysis rules) don't come into play because it's TMG that's responsible for determining what's a CENSUS tag and what's not. Since TMG passes Gedcom 6 formatted data to GenSmarts, I suspect a Gedcom type of CENS would probably be needed on the tags, and the tag name probably isn't considered. So try it both standalone and from within TMG to narrow down where the issue is.

Lastly, if you can't figure it out from the above, you can always email us ( ) a TMG backup of some of your data that exhibits the problem. Let us know what RIN number to look at and what census suggestion is being produced that shouldn't be.

On 2005-12-16 4:38pm Cantor90 added...

[:)]Thanks--I hadn't realized the difference between invoking GenSmarts from within TMG, and the standalone version. I believe that this accounts for most if not all of my problem with custom tags.

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