New Feature Request

Posted March 26, 2005 6:07pm

PaulB writes...

First, I must say that despite a minor issue I ran into (see my other posts in this forum), GenSmarts helped me find several errors and spurious families in my FTM file. That alone was worth the price. I also followed up on some of the suggestions and added some new data that was missing. I have a request concerning the "to-do" list. It would be very useful for GenSmarts to suggest a birth record lookup for all people in your file which are dead-ended (parents unknown). Even if you can't point to a specific place to find the record (I'm talking mainly about records in England, Ireland and France) at least you should let the user know that he needs to do the lookup. Just mentioning the country would be helpful. With about 1600 families in my database, it's hard to keep track of who you need to research further. Perhaps the user could specify how many generations to go back from the root and he could start with those individuals.

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