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Posted March 3, 2005 10:49am

Elaine writes...

What does Trial Offers mean in the Research Link option? I click on it and nothing happens.



On 2005-03-03 11:32am GenSmarts replied...

Your Windows setup doesn't have a working default browser... this can happen when you install a browser and the install fails, or if you uninstall a browser and that fails or if the browser just isn't very nice and leaves you without a default... perhaps hoping you'll re-install it.

You can test this using GenSmarts TOOLS...TEST WINDOWS DEFAULT BROWSER...

Or you can test it yourself using Windows START...RUN... and typing this in for a command line:

With a working Windows default browser that will launch

To fix this, first turn off any pop-up blockers and try it again. Most of the popular pop-up blockers don't consider this sort of thing a pop-up, but it's easy to try so do that first. If that doesn't work, bring up your browser and go into it's settings and find an option like "make this my default browser" and turn it on. If it's already on turn it off, exit, then go back in and turn it on. Retest... if that doesn't work you'll likely have to re-install your browser to get it to fix Windows settings.

The TRIAL OFFERS page is where we keep a list/log of trial subscriptions available at the online research sites we interface to.

On 2005-03-04 8:59am Elaine added...

Can you send me the url for the trial offers page. My browser opens fine with the "Available Online" link, it's just the Trail offers page that doesn't open.

On 2005-03-05 6:37pm GenSmarts replied...

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