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Posted February 4, 2005 4:29pm

H. B. Whitmore writes...

I purchased GenSmarts through TMG at the same time I up graded to TMG 6.0

It appeared to install ok, but when I open the program it flashes an icon on the screen and then quits saying that there is a problem. I never even get a chance to enter my serial number.

I deleted all files and tried the test version from TMG. Same problem.

Deleted all files again and tried the test version from GenSmarts web site. Same problem.

Any suggestions?

On 2005-02-04 4:54pm GenSmarts replied...

Here are a couple of things that can cause a failure prior to being prompted for your activation info:

1) Virtual PC - there's some settings and configurations that need to be in place to work around the limitations of Virtual PC's emulation... see

2) Hacking Tools - If GenSmarts detects the presence of tools commonly used for hacking/cracking - it won't run.

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