Incorrect Data showing up in To Do List

Posted January 22, 2005 12:58pm

kjt610 writes...

In the background information, GenSmarts occasionally shows a person in my list as being the child of or parent of another person in my list which is not correct. I've checked my Family Tree Maker file and these people are not connected in any way in it. Also, some people who are in the database don't show up in the to do list at all. Any suggestions on how to fix these problems?

On 2005-01-22 1:58pm GenSmarts replied...

The following tips apply to Family Tree Maker files...

1) Verify both GenSmarts and FTM are looking at the same file. With GenSmarts closed. Open the file in question with FTM. Now run GenSmarts... you should get a message saying it can't analyze the file because it's in use. If not, the problem is GenSmarts and FTM are looking at different files, so that explains why what you're seeing doesn't match.

2) Verify your FTM file. BACKUP YOUR FILE FIRST. Then with FTM open on your file, press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-LEFT ARROW and follow the instructions (press START). This will check for errors. When that's finished press CTRL-ALT-C and follow the instructions. That will compress the file and also do some error repair if necessary. Now close FTM and try GenSmarts again. Does that resolve the mis-matched people? If not, go to #3.

3) Send us your file and we'll look under the covers to figure out what's going on. With GenSmarts open your file, use the top line menu and select HELP...EMAIL YOUR FILE TO GENSMARTS SUPPORT... We'll keep your data confidential, only use it to work on this problem, and delete the file when we're done.

Regarding People not showing up in the TO DO List... the To Do list is a list of suggestions. There will be 0 to many suggestions for each person in your file. So while everyone analyzed should show up in the MY GENEALOGY FILE tab, not every person will have suggestions that show up in the TO DO List tab.

On 2005-01-29 8:52am kjt610 added...

Thanks for the help. Suggestion #2 seemed to work. Although FTM showed no errors in the data when I did the ctrl-alt-shift-left error, after I did ctrl-alt-C and then went back into GenSmarts and checked a few of the errors that I remembered from before, they were't there.

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