Blank or partial pages printed

Posted January 21, 2005 12:16pm

This happens when your Windows printer driver isn't an exact match for the printer you're printing on. The easiest way to remedy it is to install/reinstall the correct Windows printer driver.

Other applications may print fine... GenSmarts uses more features of the Windows printing system than most apps, so is more sensitive to things being mis-matched. Adobe Acrobat is also pretty sensitive, so, if you have this issue and you want to try a little test... try printing a page from our manual ( ), or any other PDF document and see if that also has difficulty.

On 2005-04-20 3:28pm GenSmarts replied...

This can also appear to be the case when you're trying to print a people report and don't have anyone selected to print on the My Genealogy file tab. Such as when you're on the Data Cleanup tab, trying to print the Data Cleanup report... since there is no Data Cleanup report, you're probably trying to print a people report.

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