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Posted January 8, 2005 5:36am

Nigel writes...


I've just installed TMG6 Gold UK version (upgraded from TMG 5.15 Gold UK version) and Gensmarts as above (having a couple of hours earlier installed V10710 which gave the same issue).

When I try to call up Gensmart from within TMG I get the following error message:

GSCMA90 - Error processing GSExec(EDOMParseError) [A semi colon character was expected.

Line: 2

    <File Name = "C:\Docume~\MUMDA~\LOCALS]

followed by a message that no suggestions found.

Stand alone Gensmart seems OK.

Any ideas, please?



On 2005-01-08 9:27am GenSmarts replied...

The current version of TMG doesn't properly encode an ampersand in the data that it outputs for GenSmarts and the Windows XML parser throws an exception passing the data into GenSmarts. Do you have an ampersand in your Windows User Name (e.g. Jan & Bob)? There's a reference in some of the XML to a filename in the windows temp directory, which includes your Windows user name it it's path, which is how that comes into play.

It's a known issue, so hopefully will be resolved in the next TMG update. Here's a reference to this issue in TMG's forum:

The XML file that passes between TMG and GenSmarts is formatted as per the Gedcom 6 spec, and is quite readable. You'll find a copy of the most recent exchange in the TMG program directory - it's called


There's another file, gsControl.xml, that contains the processing passed to GenSmarts. It's this file where the ampersand from a user name creeps in.

If you drag and drop either of these files on an internet browser, you can see view the contents. Of course... that will invoke the Windows XML parser, so you'll also see any parser errors.



On 2005-01-08 4:09pm Nigel added...

Thanks Aaron (and for your email on this). You are spot on!


On 2008-02-23 8:02pm GenSmarts replied...

FYI - Looks like this did not get fixed in TMG Version 7:

As far as I can tell the issue only affects users who have an ampersand or other "special character that XML requires escaping" in their Windows login name . An example would be if you had a user name of something like "Bob & Betty".

On 2008-04-24 6:45pm GenSmarts replied...

Looks like this issue has been fixed in TMG 7.01.

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