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Posted December 28, 2004 8:32am

kenmullins writes...

First I want to say that I am a long time user of TMG and a band spanking new user of GenSmarts. So far I am very impressed with GenSmarts. Thanks for another good tool to help all of us as we research our ancestry.

My suggestion comes partly from laziness, but GenSmarts did a great job of finding "missing" counties, but forced me to manually enter the missing counties into TMG. Could you add a menu item on the right click to add the missing information directly into the TMG database? Now you know once you do that, I'll be asking for the same ability with GSest dates [:D].

Of course the overriding concern is protection of the database - we don't want that corrupted under any circumstances.

Thanks again for a useful tool.

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On 2004-12-28 9:07am GenSmarts replied...

I can chat with Bob about it, but you open up a technical can of worms the minute you go from read-only to updating a shared resource (e.g. TMG data).

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