Fix for CTRL-E TMG GenSmarts Error#2 and Error#1

Posted December 27, 2004 10:54am

Here's a download link to a new registered version with a fix for this issue:

(note - updated to point to which has an additional fix for a windows shut down issue - see for details)

You can simply install it "over the top" of your existing GenSmarts - you don't have to uninstall first, though it doesn't harm anything if you do.

This "error#2" problem was a strange one... seemed to occur almost exclusively on XP machines, but only a small percentage of them and it didn't seem to correlate to any specific release level or software config. What was happening was... Windows assigns a unique "handle" to each application you have running, and for some reason, on the problem machines, Windows was changing the handle it had assigned to GenSmarts at program start. This was causing the communication between TMG and GenSmarts to fail. The fix was to be able to recognize this situation and go get the newly assigned handle.

Error#1 is a timeout waiting for GenSmarts to start or respond in response to a CTRL-E. You now are prompted if this happens and given the opportunity to wait longer. We think this was exactly what it seems... for some reason your machine took a long time to load GenSmarts. If you observe that it loaded fast, but you still got this error, drop us a note at with a description of what you saw, and we'll look into it.

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