Sharing Files on Two Computers

Posted December 23, 2004 1:04pm

Richard Webb writes...

I would like to ensure that the files I am using on my desktop and laptop are the same. To do this I would like to place the files in a common area accessaable from either computer. How would I go about this. In particular, which files need to be shared and what setting do I need to make in GS to direct it to the correct location.



On 2004-12-24 12:27am GenSmarts replied...

It's not really designed to support this, but this may accomplish what you want...

You can use the TOOLS...SETTTINGS... FILES tab... "Use working directory to store files" to change where GenSmarts puts it's files. If that's turned on GenSmarts will look in the whatever is set up as the working directory when you run it... e.g. what the shortcut specifies.

The files involved are...

ResearchResults.CSV - the marks you place on To Do's. There's an option you can set which will prefix this file name with the name of the file loaded, in which case you'll have multiple of these files to copy.

DefaultDirectAncestors.CSV - the tags you have on prioritized lines

PlacePhrases.txt - place name substitution, if you're using it

CustomGeo.CSV - customized geography, if you're using it.

ExcludedPlaceNames.txt - marked items from data cleanup

It will also look in the working directory first for GenSmarts.ini, which contains your settings. You may not want to copy this back and forth since it contains physical drive names and such. If it's not found in the working directory, it'll search in the program directory for it.

These files aren't a multi-user database... while two copies of GenSmarts could be running on two different machines pointing to the same directory... the last one to close will wipe out any changes the first one to close made. So having two copies accessing the same network directory is probably not advisable... but if you wanted to simply have the laptop be a "read only" copy (actually you can turn that on in GenSmarts.ini if you like - in the files section add a line READONLY=TRUE), then this might make sense.

There's no provision for moving the files once you turn this on... you have to do that yourself.

On 2004-12-24 9:17am Richard Webb added...

Thank you GSAdmin, whoever you are. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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