Which Genealogy software?

Posted October 24, 2004 1:40pm

MizLiz writes...

I'm using Family Tree Legends, by Pearl Street software. It's way better than Family Tree Maker, which I used for years. Can I use GenSmarts with FTL?

On 2004-10-24 2:02pm MBORG added...

Is there a list of software that works with Gensmarts? I'm also using Family Tree Legends but haven't tried using Gensmarts with it.

Thanhs, Mike

On 2004-10-24 2:28pm GenSmarts replied...

You'll have to export to Gedcom from Legends and then load that with GenSmarts. Legends doesn't support/enable add-ons yet. I expect they will someday... I've talked to Cliff (Legends creator) about it...

The list of files that GenSmarts can read directly:

  • Family Tree Maker (including FTM 2005)

  • PAF 5

  • Legacy

  • The Master Genealogist (4 & 5)

  • RootsMagic (1 & 2)

  • Ancestral Quest

  • Ancestry Family Tree

  • Gedcom

On 2004-10-24 8:16pm mbarker added...

I have tried about 10 differant progrmas and now use Legacy and find it is the best. Lots of support and easy to use. Very flexable as well.


Austin Texas

On 2004-11-03 2:18pm Sharon added...

In reply to whiat software do you use - I use =Brother's Keeper and have been for the past ten years. It started out as shareware and I liked it and became a registered user and get updates. It can import and export files. Has room for 10,000,000 members.


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