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Posted October 8, 2004 5:33pm

bridgetkb writes...

I am having a problem loading GenSmarts. It loads my file fine up until the 99% mark. At that point I get the following message:

"Warning! Unable to read all of your Research Results. You may want to revert to a backup."

Does anyone know what I need to do to get rid of this message? Right now it is just annoying that I have to go back and re-mark things I have found or not found.

I run FTM version 11 for Windows if that helps. Thanks.


On 2004-10-08 5:59pm GenSmarts replied...

Your ResearchResults.csv file is corrupt (in your GenSmarts program directory - typically C:\Program Files\GenSmarts).

If you don't care about saving your previous marks, you can simply delete it, so it'll get created new the next time your run GenSmarts...


attach the file to an email and send it to and we'll take a look and see how much we can salvage. It will help us to know what version of GenSmarts you have (HELP...ABOUT...) - include that in your email.

FYI - the file can become corrupted if you have a power failure, hard disk error, or some other event causes GenSmart to abnormally terminate when the file is being written (during a previous run). Another thing that might cause this corruption is if the file is opened in Excel and saved, as Excel formats the data differently that what GenSmarts expects.

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