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Posted September 10, 2004 10:56pm

Syble writes...

I downloaded the registered version, is there a manual included and how do I find it.

Will I have to go in an manual check-off each census etc. that I have, I noticed on my To Do List that it has listed a number of things that I already have in my file notes.

On 2004-09-10 11:36pm GenSmarts replied...

You'll find the manual at

GenSmarts will currently look for Census events/tags (a CENSUS FACT in Family Tree Maker), and consider them in making suggestions.

GenSmarts doesn't currently try to interpret your notes. We plan to add some capability to do this in the future, but it will likely be more effective at understanding what you've recorded as sources vs. what you've written in your notes. The difficulty with NOTES lies in the lack of structure to what you may have written... for example:

  • Found his cousin in the 1850 Missouri Census

  • Looked in the 1850 Missouri Census but didn't find anything

  • Need to try the 1850 Missouri Census

All of the above might be in your notes, and all contain a reference to a specific census... yet all have very different meanings. So while me may someday provide you some capability to have GenSmarts look for keywords in your notes... it's just not clear to us that most people will have enough structure and consistency in what they've written for this to be effective.

Source documentation is likely to be much easier to interpret as it's got more structure (less free format).

On 2004-09-11 8:08am Syble added...

I've tried several times to download the manual, but the site never comes up, has URL, but the page is blank, I've left it there for quite a while, but it never even starts to come up.

I haven't listed sources in FTM, where can I do this?

In the PAF file, the Sources are grayed out, would you have any idea why?

On 2004-09-11 9:04pm GenSmarts replied...

Check your Famly Tree Maker and/or PAF documentation - I'm sure it explains how to document sources.

With the manual, try the "right click/Save as" technique to copy the file to your desktop, then double click on it after the download has completed and see if that doesn't work better. The first page is a title page which does have quite a bit of white space on it, so you might double check that you're not simply looking at the top of a white page, and all you need to do is page down or zoom out to see the manual.

On 2004-09-11 9:27pm Syble added...$adv-rgn1$1094995451$56e4a1416e7d7b028a34609047902b8e$/id/$FK12928$139450-1580$/cache/c746a29ee93562617079a12d5f96df54d41cff60ae7a1f736a187108af03b465c48a56bdeb96a011f138/GenSmarts.pdf

I copied and pasted the above URL that comes up after I click on

GenSmarts Manual. It doesn't bring up a window to ask about Open/Save etc. It is just a blank page and I can't scroll down, there's nothing except a blank page.

On 2004-09-11 9:35pm GenSmarts replied...

To save the manual to your desktop, you don't click on it - that will try to open the file in your browser (which you are saying doesn't work). Instead... "Right Click" and select SAVE AS... from the pop up menu, then select your desktop as the destination.

The problem is likely your Adobe Acrobat configuration/installation on your PC, and the above "technique" will simply avoid that problem - having you put the file on your desktop and then opening it directly with Acrobat from your desktop.

On 2004-09-12 3:09pm Syble added...

Sorry to be such a problem, but I did as you said, it downloaded to the Desktop, and Icon showed as a Word Doc, but when I open it, it is symbols, not words. I tried redownloading it with my Norton Antivirus off, but it came up the same way.


On 2004-09-12 4:21pm GenSmarts replied...

Try re-installing Adobe Acrobat:

On 2004-09-12 9:06pm Syble added...

I was able to open the manual after downloading the latest Acrobat Reader, but I wasn't expecting this to be so complicated. When I highlight one Name and double click to get a To Do List, I don't just get his list but all his children and parents, then the list is so long it's a nightmare. When I tried to print the list that is shown on screen, I get a list about twice that long printed out which is just that much more confusing. I've spent a number of hours working with this, and haven't accomplished anything. I entered my URL for the Heritage Quest, but it apparently didn't find it, just showed 1860, 1870 census by paid subscription, and both these are available from Heritage

On 2004-09-12 9:38pm GenSmarts replied...

When you double click the person you're referring to in the MY GENEALOGY FILE tab... how many suggestions does GenSmarts display for you when it takes you to the TO DO List? The number of suggestions displayed is shown to the right of the SEARCH box. It really should be a manageable number - that's the feedback we've gotten from other users.

You can easily limit the number of items in the list using the SEARCH box on the TO DO List. Since the search box matches any text that's in that TO DO List, you can limit the display by simply typing the name you're interested in (e.g. John Smith). You can also reject items from displaying by placing a minus sign in front of what you type in the search box - for example, if you type -CENSUS in the search box, it will take out of the list anything having the word CENSUS in the TO DO title. Pressing the F1 key (help) when you have the cursor in the SEARCH box will open the help file to the explanation of how to use the SEARCH box.

Read the help/manual on the printing/reporting options... you have several options on how to select what you want to print, including using standard Windows select: highlight the first item in the list you want to print, the press the shift key and select the last item you want to print - all the items in between will now be highlighted. Then select to print "ONLY THOSE HIGHLIGHTED" when you run your report.

If you email your GenSmarts.ini file, found in your GenSmarts program directory (usually C:\Program Files\GenSmarts), to , we'll take a look and verify you've got your library access for heritage quest set up correctly. There are also examples in the help text - press the litte "?" button next to Heritage Quest URL input box in TOOLS...SETTINGS...Subscription tab to pull up the help file with those examples.

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