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Posted September 9, 2004 6:07pm

anjay writes...

I have loaded my database into GenSmarts. I marked my direct ancestor and when I hit the Find Next button, that ancestor is found but on the next "find next" nothing happens. This is not the way it worked on the other computer. (It, the computer, broke just after I got GenSmarts.) It worked fine, find next would travel down the list from one person to another. Now the only one it finds is the first person marked. I have refreshed, closed down, etc. and it still will not go to the next person marked as a direct ancestor. Is there something I am missing?

Thanks for your help

On 2004-09-09 10:01pm GenSmarts replied...

It's a "FIND NEXT ROOT" function... so it only fines the ones marked as "ROOT", not just anyone who happens to be in the line of the "ROOT". It's purpose is to enable you to easily find who you've marked so you can review or unmark them.

From the help file:

To setup your DIRECT ANCESTOR ROOTs, use the My Genealogy File Tab. Use the <= SEARCH box to locate the person you'd like to use. "Tag" them as a root, by pressing the TAG AS DIRECT ANCESTOR ROOT button in the lower left part of the screen. When you press that button, you'll notice a hollow blue star will appear next to the name of the person selected, noting that they're a root. You also might notice a simple star will appear next to any ancestors of this root, indicating they're in your direct ancestry line.

If you ever need to find the direct ancestors you've tagged, you can use the FIND NEXT ROOT button, which will advance the display to the next person marked as a direct ancestor root.

On 2004-09-10 8:38am anjay added...

Thanks. I didn't notice the difference between the 2 star types. [:I] I thought by repeatedly hitting "Find Next" it jumped to the next star. I must have marked more Roots last time and didn't realize it.

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