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Posted June 28, 2004 6:13am

srob9780 writes...


I am trying to use GenSmarts with Legacy 5.0, but when I try to open a legacy file, I receive the following message:-

Error opening File. (EOIeException) [Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed]

How do I fix this?


On 2004-06-28 9:08am GenSmarts replied...

GenSmarts uses a feature/component of Windows called ADO to access Legacy files. This has been included as a part of Windows 2000 and XP, but was an optional (free) add-on to Windows 95 and Windows 98. Additionally, the JET ADO driver, a separate piece is used. This was included as a part of ADO in early releases, but is currently a separate download. As both of these pieces are common requirements of applications software you migth install, they are frequently already present/installed on our customers machines. GenSmarts checks for their presence and will alert you if they are missing or if the version you have is too old to support what we need.

Since you didn't get the "friendly" message from GenSmarts informing you you needed to install/update one of theses pieces, they're likely installed on your machine. However, the error indicates they aren't installed properly - either pieces are missing or you have bits of different versions installed. I believe this can happen during installation/removal of software (not GenSmarts, but other things) that tries to install/uninstall these drivers for you, but doesn't do it correctly.

GenSmarts Version 1.0.5 included a little tool that can give you a little more information. Use the TOOLS...WINDOWS COMPONENT CHECKER... that will test these various pieces to see if they're present and functioning. Since the message you posted indicates they aren't, you don't need to use this little tool, but try it if you're curious. FYI - You don't need the VFPODBC driver, which this tool also checks for. It is used from accessing TMG and RMG databases, and may not be installed on your machine.

Fortunately, the fix is easy - simply re-install ADO (also called MDAC/ADO). Unless you're Windows 95, I'd suggest version 2.8, which you'll find at:

After you download and install this, try GenSmarts again. If you get the same error, that indicates that it's probably the ADO JET DRIVER that's at issue, so you can simply download/install that as well to repair it:

Post back what you do and what you find.

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