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Posted June 28, 2004 12:18pm

mesgs writes...

I downloaded the trial version and it is loaded with incorrect data.

Where do you get your information if it is incorrect?

On 2004-06-28 1:23pm GenSmarts replied...

There's lots of data involved with GenSmarts analaysis, much of which comes from, or is based on what you've recorded from your Genealogy file.

There are numerous settings and options which control the interpretation of this data. The defaults, while suitable for the majority of our customers, may not be optimum for everyone. So it could be you may want/need to adjust something in your GenSmarts setting/configuration.

It's also not unheard of for a new user to inadvertantly load a wrong/outdated file that they happen to have on their computer.

Of course, there's also geography data and record inventories involved.

If you can provide a few examples, either here, or in an email to, we'll help you pin down what's incorrect.

On 2004-06-28 6:23pm GenSmarts replied...

To follow up... the "problem" turned out to be that the genealogy file being analzyed by GenSmarts was an unfamiliar Gedcom the user had obtained from a relative, and contained dates and places which the user recoginzed as incorrect. Since they were using GenSmarts to view the data, they assumed the data was somehow coming from GenSmarts, rather than their relatives Gedcom.

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