How do I delete a To Do List suggestion?

Posted June 13, 2004 5:09pm

mindsqueeze writes...

I just downloaded the trial version and ran it on my FTM file. It immediately came up with a suggestion that is not logical for this particular person. I'd like to completely remove it from the To Do list, but not to "mark" it with anything I'd have to filter later, nor do I want to change my own data. I've seen slightly similar questions on this forum and also on Rootsweb, but none answered this specific problem.

On 2004-06-13 5:49pm GenSmarts replied...

The suggestions aren't stored anywhere, so there's nothing to delete in the way I think you're wantnig to... So the way you delete them is to use one of the "marks" - those are stored, and matched up with the suggestion when it occurs. Then filter as appropriate against that mark. Even if the suggestions were all stored somewhere and you could delete one, there would have to be some type of mark to keep it from being "re-suggested" the next time an analysis was done. For now, I'd suggest using the NOT FOUND mark... we'll likely add an ignore in the future.

I think it's always preferable, when the situation supports it, to update your data with the knowledge you have that makes the suggestion go away. That way, you get rid of the suggestion in GenSmarts, and your data gets better. Obviously, if it's a piece of data GenSmarts doesn't currently pick up this won't cause the suggestion to be removed, so you'll have to use the "mark" method above.

Sometimes a related question comes up... "I've changed my data to record an additional fact to get rid of a suggestion and the suggestion remains, but GenSmarts says it's obsolete when I read the explanation... how do I make it go away completely?" This happens when you've applied a "mark" to a suggestion - we keep it around so as not to loose your mark. If you've got a suggestion GenSmarts tells you is obsolete, it'll go away if you clear the mark you've placed on it.

On 2004-08-30 1:35am dee added...

I wish there was a N/A (non-applicable) button. Some of the GenSmart suggestions include censuses for 2 states for the same date - it turns out one state is correct but not the other one. If I could have the incorrect one labelled as N/A, then it would be a big help.

On 2004-08-30 7:35am GenSmarts replied...

This button is in the latest version (1.0.6) - it's labeled IGNORE. Registered users, see for a download link.

On 2004-09-15 6:40pm dee added...

I just remembered to check in here and saw your message about the update - thanks so much!!

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