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Posted March 23, 2004 9:00am


A couple of customers using XP have reported getting this error over the last week, when attempting to run GenSmarts for the first time. When then attempting to then install MS ADO 2.5 as GenSmarts recommends, a message of "already running 2.5" is received from the ADO installer.

Since XP should already have ADO, we suspect there's something amiss with the GenSmarts detection logic, though we haven't pinned it down yet. It doesn't seem to be a problem for most XP users, though we've heard from enough to think there's something amiss. If you do encounter this error, you could help us out by reporting back (before you install the items below) what version GenSmarts reports on it's HELP...ABOUT... screen. The three things we'd like to see from people who get this error are:

GenSmarts Version:

VFPODBC Version:

ADO Version:

SOLUTION PART 1 => If you're running XP, to open TMG and RMG files you really should only need the ADO FOXPRO driver, if you don't have it already. You can download it from here:

Simply run this file once you've downloaded it to install the driver.

SOLUTION PART 1=> If you're running XP, to open Legacy files you really should only need the ADO JET driver, if you don't have it already. Using the link below, click on the entry titled "Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8 (SP8) for Windows XP (KB829558)". Then click on the download button you'll find in the upper right hand corner of the next page.

Simply run this file once you've downloaded it to install the driver.


Now try running GenSmarts again. Cancel out of any "help" dialogs and use the menu option FILE...OPEN... to find and open your file. If you still receive the error let it continue on and see if it's able to open your file. If so... that's good - it means the problem is simply a bug in our ADO detection mechanism. We suggest you live with the erroneous error message until we get a fix out (should be later today).

If you receive a different or subsequent error, and you're still not able to open your file after continuing, then the problem is likely something to do with your ADO installation. Proceed to PART 2 below.

SOLUTION PART 2 => Re-installing ADO is the simplest way of verifying/confirming/fixing your ADO setup. You can download ADO 2.8 by using the link below to navigate to MS, then clicking on the link that says MDAC 2.8, and then clicking on the download button in the upper right portion of that page.

As above, simply run the file once you've downloaded it.

On 2004-03-23 10:23am GenSmarts replied...

** UPDATE **

We've got a theory on what might be happening. It goes like this:

1) There's a version of ADO that has some non-numerics in the version number, something like 2.9a

2) When we open our "test connection" to verify the presence of ADO, the only other thing we do is attempt to discern the version number. Our theory is that we receive an error since it's not numeric and conclude (wrongly) that ADO isn't installed and produce the "need at least 2.1" message.

We've got a fix underway to test this and will post an update in a few hours (actually Wed. morning - see the next update).

On 2004-03-24 1:02am GenSmarts replied...

** UPDATE **

We're finishing up testing a new version with a fix for the above... it should be ready sometime later this morning Wed. (3/24)

On 2004-03-24 8:47pm GenSmarts replied...

Version has the fixes discussed in this thread. It's posted at

That's for registered customers only. We'll get a trial version out in a few days with these fixes as well.

On 2004-03-31 1:39pm LoriBragg added...

I am getting a brand new error I've never encountered before - actually I've never encountered any errors before! So I read this thread and downloaded the latest even though it wasn't exactly the same - not surprisingly it wasn't fixed. The error is: Error loading file. (EConvertError) ['NO' is not a valid integer value]. Any clues? Is there somewhere else I should ask this? I use TMG 5.1. Thanks. Lori

P>S> Your hint in your last newsletter about new products is driving me crazy. Any more hints... just little ones? [}:)]

Lori Bragg

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