problem installing registered version

Posted March 14, 2004 7:26pm

cminer writes...

When I run setup I keep getting Error 5. I don't have another version running. When I downloaded the program it downloaded into the same file as the trial version, could this be the problem?[:(]

On 2004-03-14 8:12pm GenSmarts replied...

"Error 5" during the install means you either can't delete a file because it's in use, or you don't have "permission" to remove a file.

If you put the install file into the directory you're trying to install into... yes that would cause this problem as the install process will try to remove any existing GenSmarts files in the directory, which would include the install file if it were there. Since you're "using" the install file, you can't delete it - that's why the "Error 5" is occuring.

Copy the install file to another directory and run it from there. Let me know if this doesn't work and we'll give you some other things to try.

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