Leaving off of surname on over half of the entries

Posted February 8, 2004 9:43pm

mountainhigh writes...

The surnames are left off of all of my personal family, i.e. children, plus many others, leaving all of them with the second name as their surname, why?

On 2004-02-08 10:37pm GenSmarts replied...

What type of file are you loading (e.g. Family Tree Maker, Gedcom, PAF, etc.)?

Can you provide an example of a name as you've entered it into whatever software you use? If you're concerned about privacy, don't change the structure of the name or the number of components, but feel free to change the parts to something random in the example.

I'd guess it's it's one of the following:

a) a name style or type of name we don't support or haven't seen before, or...

b) a bug in the Gedcom export of the software you use, if it's a Gedcom you're loading

Respond either here or to support@gensmarts.com

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