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Posted February 7, 2004 9:47am

NERoots writes...

I'd like to see GenSmarts have the ability to "learn" a user's style of data entry. For instance, place names: I should be able to indicate to the program that a place that GenSmarts doesn't understand is legitimate thus removing it from the data cleanup screen. Maybe give the user the ability to add their own research sites by learning how the user logs in, data retrieval, etc.

On 2004-02-07 10:28am GenSmarts replied...

There's alot of optimization in the current place name recognition system so it works fast... while it's possible to design such a place name recognition system that would allow a user to specify the rules for it... optimizing that would be an order of magnitude more complex (e.g. more error prone, slower, cost more, etc.) than what we have today.

It is reasonable to add a few more supported styles as we go along, so if you'll send the style you use that's getting kicked out... we'll see what we can do with it. Send it to

Adding your own research sites is in the works, as is sharing your definitions with other GenSmarts users. Too soon to tell exactly how the interface/definition of this will work.

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