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Posted December 29, 2003 11:51am

quote:Originally posted by dennismk1

I have only downloaded the free donwload, but I will be purchasing it real soon, this is probally one of the best programs i have seen.

I just have one question where does it pull from. It tells me to look in the 1880 Census, but i have already done that. I use FTM version 10 and put the information as a source, and/or more notes. and i usually list either head of household or relation to.

I cant wait to order the full version, will be doing that soon.

late christmas present for myself.

Thank You

Dennis Killmer,

Fort Worth, Texas,


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On 2003-12-29 11:52am GenSmarts replied...

GenSmarts will take census events (but not sources yet) into consideration when making recommendations. Go to the "FACTS" page on the head of household, record a CENSUS fact (FTM's way of recording events), and see if that doesn't knock out the suggestion.

On 2003-12-29 9:23pm Crawford added...

On the same subject, how are the "Researching the USA Social Security Death Index makes sense.." To-Do's resolved?


On 2003-12-29 9:56pm GenSmarts replied...

We don't have a "negation" in for these yet, if that's what you mean. We're open to suggestions, but we'll likely look for a source containing the phrase "SSDI" or "Social Security".

Actually,the design we're favoring at the moment would allow these types of phrases in events or sources to be configured - e.g. so you could decide what you wanted to negate a specific record type. That would accomodate peoples various styles of recording information.

On 2003-12-29 10:59pm Crawford added...

Rather than a "negation" I'm just looking to fulfill the criteria you are using in the logic tree for the decision to display the "Research the USA Social Security Death Index" suggestion. I get the impression that this message is displayed simply when GenSmarts sees that a DOD is listed.


On 2003-12-29 11:38pm GenSmarts replied...

The criteria for SSDI is "died in the USA" between 1962 and 2003. If a person doesn't have a place of death or date of death specified, and is not tagged as "living", then GenSmarts will estimate the date and place of death based on other events.

On 2004-06-08 1:47pm greno added...

I'd like to see a negation of this once the item is researched. I would always rather make my updates in my source system (FTM) rather than change the status in Gensmarts.

A fact name of "SSDI" would be good for me.

On 2004-06-26 2:17am catherine added...

I am looking for the Irish side of my mother family,Mary Teresa Devlin,husband Joseph

thanks catherine

On 2004-10-12 5:06pm jeffjahn added...

First of I use Rootsmagic V 2.02

I notice that GenSmarts looks at the census fact but if I use the Census(Family) fact for Rootsmagic it doesnt recongize this.

On 2005-12-09 8:39pm rcgrein added...

Although some of the messages in this forum are a bit old, can I assume that there is still no way to negate census, SSDI, or other suggestions if they have been entered as events or sources? I use The Master Genealogist, and assumed that if events were present for a person, GemSmarts would not make the suggestion for that person. In fact, I don't use an event for either. By choice, I enter SSDI events as sources for birth and death. I enter census information as memos. I suspect that will make it even more difficult to recognize. As an option, I would prefer a way to filter out messages relating to census or SSDI, realizing that I would be eliminating some potentially good selections.

On 2005-12-09 10:13pm GenSmarts replied...

No negation yet on SSDI, but we're getting closer. Census suggestions are negated by Census events (tags).

A TO DO List search criteria of:

-Census -social

would take out those suggestions in the list.

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