1.0.3 Released On 10/9

Posted September 1, 2003 12:01pm

Prior production versions ( & should get an automatic upgrade option on their next run. Later beta versions should get a message with a web address where you can download the new release. If you're not getting the notice for some reason, send us an email to support@gensmarts.com

Here's what's changed since 1.0.2

1) Direct support for PAF

2) Direct support for Roots Magic

3) Direct support for TMG

4) We decided to re-engineer date estimating, so that'll be new from the ground up. We just weren't getting the consistency we wanted out of the old algorithm (it was good 90% of the time and rotten the other 10% [B)]).

5) We're draining our list of suggested improvements (at least the ones that we consider to be in the scope of the Version 1). There are about twenty of these items. Keep the suggestions coming.

6) Support for NEHGS (a couple of the online db's are done).

7) Better support for working with multiple files.

9) "Living" flag picked up across the various file format (done for TMG, RMG, and Legacy).

10) More options to control the analysis and estimating.

11) Update the Settings dialog to reflect all the options now available in the INI file.

12) Package up the various help dialogs in to a "Welcome Wizard" that includes some usage tips as well.

13) Allow the default country, currently the USA, to be changed. This should help recogniztion of non-US place names.

14) Import the census tags across the various file formats and integrate into the recommendations GenSmarts makes.

15) More control/better integration with external research sites.

16) Dallas Public Library and many of it's genealogy holdings added to our list of libraries/records.

On 2003-10-14 4:35pm hughes1115 added...

Good Afternoon ...

I goofed !

When I received the automatic update notice, I did not write down the site location when I could obtain V1.0.3.1.

Would you be so kind to advise me, again, of that location?

I like to obtain all upgrade releases for my file and records.

Thanks much.

Please advise if you require my Username & Password.

Jim Hughes

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