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Posted August 28, 2003 2:53pm

pjrader writes...


1) Is there a work around to the "County" problem?

Many of the people in my database are Irish - from Co Cork, Co Limerick etc. which is the normal way of addressing in IRL GenSmarts interprets this as CO (Colorado)

2) Is the support of Irish records on your GenSmarts To-Do list?

3) How about Germany?


On 2003-08-28 4:00pm GenSmarts replied...

1) All you should need to do is throw an "IRL" or an "Ireland" on there and it should be fine. Otherwise GenSmarts will try and interpret it against the default country, which in this version is the USA. When we do add support for other countries, we hope to ease the need to do this somewhat by matching up a "country-less" place name with known places. In that case, I think we'd have come up with Ireland for "co cork/cork county/county cork". I'd guess at this point we'll have a beta of this by end of September.

2) We're looking to add Canada, U.K. , and Australia. I'm hoping we'll pick up Ireland as well when we do the U.K., though we're just not far enough into it yet to know for sure. We've gotten quite a few requests for Ireland.

3) We haven't gotten too many requests for Germany, but I'll take your question as a vote cast for Germany support.

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