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Posted August 21, 2003 12:17am

Here's a note we emailed to all registered customers (unless they requested we not bother them with news about updates...)

We thought you'd like to know about some new updates that are available to GenSmarts. They're free - included as part of your purchase. This email explains how to apply them. They're also optional - you can read the descriptions of what's changed and decide if you'd like to apply them or not. As always, if you have any questions or difficulties just drop us an email and we'll help you through the update.

Normally, we like to distribute these updates automatically through

GenSmarts, but occasionally we run into a situation where it just makes more sense to have you download and apply the update in a more traditional manner. We're writing to you because we have one of those occasions - an update to the GenSmarts Updater. This is the part of GenSmarts that checks for and applies updates.

Here's what's new in the GenSmarts Updater:

  • An option was added so that when you're notified about an update, you can choose to skip that update, and not be notified again until the next update. This effectively allows you to pick and choose updates. Previously, the settings let you either always be notified or never be notified. As we plan on producing frequent updates, we thought this would be an important improvement.

  • The auto update now respects the "ASK BEFORE CONNECTING" setting, and prompts prior to connecting.

  • A couple of bugs involving date formats were fixed. (Including the one that prevented us from updating the updater automatically [:)])

  • All future updates will be distributed via this new Updater, so if you don't apply this update, you won't be notified in the future of any more updates when you run GenSmarts (you'd need to check our forum from time to time or wait until we send an email to find out about updates).

We also have some updates to GenSmarts features- Version, ready to go out using the new Updater. Here's what's changed with this version:

1) Fixed a bug in saving research results that was preventing new results from being saved in certain unusual circumstances. If you started out on GenSmarts Version or earlier and you haven't marked any research results, you'll likely need this fix to get the results to stick in Versions or later.

2) Added support for apostrophe's in names - they were translated to spaces previously (e.g. O'Conner was O Conner).

3) Changed default county of Brooklyn, NY to Kings.

FYI - We normally don't like to do updates that contain so few changes, but feel obliged to if we find a bug that might cause someone a problem in saving their "tagged" research results, even if the chances are rare (as in #1 above).


You can get the updates above, either by downloading and applying the

changes, or by just downloading the new version and reinstalling. Either option gets you to Version

OPTION A) Download a small file and apply the changes.

Close GenSmarts, if it's open. Download and run the update from the location below. Follow the instructions presented. It's a small file - 667kb.:

(...registered users, see your email for the download location...)

After applying this update, the next time you run GenSmarts you'll be

notified of the Version update and given the option to apply it. Here's a couple of tips if you don't get prompted for the update, or if the update doesn't work:

Tip 1) Verify that the shortcut or menu option you use to run GenSmarts is using GenSmarts.EXE (not GSEngine.EXE).

Tip 2) Double check that the 102 patch above was installed in the same directory as the GenSmarts.EXE you checked in TIP 1 above. You can install it again to be sure if you like - it won't hurt anything.

Tip 3) Make sure that you don't have another copy of GenSmarts running, as the update can't update a file that's in use.

OPTION B) Download the current full version ( and reinstall. Your data is preserved - just the program is updated.

Download and run the install from the location below. It's a 5.7MB download.

(...registered users, see your email for the download location...)

On 2003-09-26 4:03am Roxanne695 added...

Somehow I missed this version being released. It seems I have Version 1.1. I don't know how I missed the updated version[:(]

Roxanne Koelpin

On 2003-09-26 6:13pm GenSmarts replied...


You should have gotten an email from us on Aug. 20, containing update instructions. We resent it today (9/24/2003). If this one doesn't make it through, send us an email to and we'll double check the email address we have on file for you.

GenSmarts Support

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