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Posted August 17, 2003 8:08am

hughes1115 writes...

Good Day ...

I have received my automatic update to V1021 and find the release very helpful.

My question ... is there any way to receive the 'update' as a standalone file? I save updates for all of my software in case I have problems and must regress to an earlier version.

Thanks for your consideration

Jim Hughes

On 2003-08-17 8:45am GenSmarts replied...

While we're happy to send out a download link to the full version to any registered user who asks... it seems inconvenient for you to always have to ask... [:)] we'll figure out a way of putting the link in the update notification.

Jim - we sent you a private email with the link.

On 2003-08-17 11:22am hughes1115 added...

Good Day ...

Thank you again for the rapid response; great support !

I understand your answer and concern; if this is too nonstandard of a request ... please ignore such.

Thanks for the guidance.

Jim Hughes

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