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Posted August 14, 2003 10:21am

pjrader writes...


Is there a way to control GenSmarts date estimating. It comes up with wild results at times - predicting death dates in the future. I had a couple EST death as 2009. It seems to occur when there are names only on the family chart (FTM)- no dates birth or death

V1.0.1.0 My Genealogy File Tab


On 2003-08-14 11:50am GenSmarts replied...

We've made a number of improvements in the date estimating in the version under developement ( and up). We'll post a "beta" trial version of this release later today on the download page, and registered users can get a "beta" registered version of it anytime by dropping us an email at

We haven't seen a real need to date for options and settings in this area yet - the things we've found (or been told about) are just plain wrong and can to be fixed.

Keep sending us examples of where you think it should be improved and we'll keep making it better [:)]

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