Posted August 13, 2003 10:42pm

Hemo2 writes...

Perhaps I missed this info on the website, but if I purchase GenSmarts is this a 'lifetime' purchase or when a new version comes out, like v2.0, will there be additional cost to upgrade?

Also, in the trial version I was a bit confused by the 'search' function. After I figured out I had to type in the persons name with the exact 'case sensitive' letters, I could find the person. However, is there a way to not have this be case sensitive? I have a hard enough time remembering the spelling of some of the names, let alone the case of the letters used to enter them!

Finally, when using the search function, is it possible to "group" the 'same' person in the list together? As it is now, it seems the info for a particular indivdual is scattered up and down the list and it makes it somewhat difficult to find it all when different people have the same name.

On 2003-08-14 7:23am GenSmarts replied...

All updates to the major Version number (e.g. Version 1) are free with the purchase. For example, the current registered version is We're working on an update that should go out over the next couple of days, and will likely end up being Version That will be free to all registered users. In the past, and I would expect in the future, we put out new releases like this every 4-8 weeks. If at some point, we add some major new features, we may bump the Version number to, and that would not be automatically free. It might be, but we're reserving the right to charge a small upgrade fee if we feel the extra features warrant it. We want happy customers, and nobody likes to pay for something without getting fair value in return, so I would imagine that if we ever charge a fee for additional features, it'll be done in a way that our customers are comfortable with.

FYI - we do have an "automatic" update notification and application in the software that does the update by downloading a small "changes" file. This file has typically been around 1MB.

Regarding the SEARCH function, we've made this case insensitive in version A trial version of this beta should be posted on the download page soon, and a beta of the registered version is available on request.

There are three ways to cause grouping in the TO DO LIST.

1) The SURNAME sort option will sort by SURNAME/GIVEN NAME, which will group a single individual all together.

2) You could simply enter a more exact match for the persons name (e.g. more than the SURNAME) in the SEARCH box, which will narrow focus of what's displayed.

3) Version has an option to display the RIN (record id number) from the source file in the list beside the name. This is a unique number per individual, so you could use that in the SEARCH box to limit the display to just one person.

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