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Posted August 12, 2003 6:18pm

hughes1115 writes...

Good Day ...

I use Family Tree Maker (FTM) V10.

All of my entries into FTM are in this format:

Surname, Given name 1 Middle initial or Given name 2

The problem is how the names are displayed in GenSmarts; example ...

Entered in FTM as ... Hughes, Kathleen Joan

Displayed in GenSmarts as ... Joan, Hughes Kathleen

Is there a preference setting for GenSmarts 'name' display?

Is there a method that I must employ to have the 'name' displayed correctly?

Thanks for you time & consideration.

Jim Hughes

On 2003-08-12 6:56pm GenSmarts replied...


As you've discovered, we don't support this name style (last, first middle) format in the current version. We'll add support for this in the version that's in process for release this week. Until you get this version, you can export to Gedcom and load this with GenSmarts - that should pick up the surnames correctly.


GenSmarts Support

On 2003-08-12 7:39pm hughes1115 added...

Aaron ...

Thank you for your quick & precise response.

The GenSmarts Support has been great !

Take care.

Jim Hughes

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